Carnelian Earrings Adelle

(Code: je9999car)
  1. #Description#
    Carnelian earrings in sterling silver.

    This combination of spicy red and sleek sterling silver is a gorgeous contrast.
    Carnelian is an orangey red, almost brick red in the darker pieces. It's an excellent gemstone for jewellery as it mixes well with many colours and is eye catching in itself.

    Carnelian is translucent and these carnelian earrings have smooth, polished pear drop gemstones. 
    As the stones move on the earwires, you can sometimes see more orange sometimes more red.
    The silver setting is a neat, sleek frame.

    Team up with a carnelian pendant.

  2. #Details#

    Earrings length including the ear wire 3.5cms
    Carnelian gemstone 1.4 x 1.0cms
    Weight 4.5g