Box Chains

sterling silver box chain
Box chains have square links joined together in the same way as the round links in the belcher chain. 
A box chain is sturdy and compact but fluid. 
Like the belcher chain, box chains are popular with both men and women.
Box chains are often used to hang a pendant but a diamond cut box chain with its magnificent sparkle is a brilliant silver necklace on its own.. 
A larger pendant usually needs a substantial chain not only for strength but also to balance the size of the gemstone and create the look of a composite necklace.
Box chain necklaces are of course square in profile but in wear they twist and turn and offer edges to catch the light. When these edges are diamond cut, they provide more facets to catch the light and make for a beautiful sparkly necklace. When diamond cut, this is sometimes called a mirror box chain.
Our box chains are diamond cut and available in 2mm and 3.1mm widths.
They look exquisite worn alone but fabulous with a pendant - particularly one with a faceted surface.
mirror box chain