Black Spinel Earrings Julie

(Code: je0541blk-sp)
  1. #Description#

    Black spinel earrings set in sterling silver.

    Black spinel is one of the rarest gems of the spinel group.
    It is a prized gemstone and not to be confused with black tourmaline.
    Black spinel is dense, true black and once faceted has a discreet glisten.

    These drop earrings feature faceted spinels.
    The style is gorgeous with 3 round spinels and a large long oval all claw set into sterling silver.
    The black and silver combination is clean, classic and easy to wear with many outfits.

    The earrings fasten with a post and butterfly behind the top gemstone.

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  2. #Details#
    Earrings length 3.7cms
    Black spinel round gemstones 
    1 x 4mm
    2 x 3mm
    Ovals 16 x 8mms

    Weight 7.2g