Black Onyx Earrings Simone

(Code: JE4444BO)
  1. #Description#
    Black onyx earrings in sterling silver.

    This combination of true black and sleek sterling silver is timeless and classic.
    Black onyx is a dense semi-precious stone and works well polished and smooth as well as faceted and glittery.
    Everyone should have a pair of black onyx silver earrings!

    These black onyx earrings are elegant and graceful in style.
    The silver setting is a neat, sleek frame.
    They will coordinate with all black onyx jewellery and silver jewellery. 

    Treat yourself to a black onyx pendant and a black onyx bracelet.

  2. #Details#

    Earrings length including the ear wire 3.3cms
    Black onyx gemstone 1.4 x 1.0cms
    Weight 4.2g