Aquamarine Earrings Sally

(Code: je293aqua)
  1. #Description#

    Aquamarine studs set in sterling silver.

    Aquamarine is a rather special semi-precious stone, a little elevated from the main group of semi-precious gems.
    Aquamarine is a form of Beryl which it shares with emerald. Hence the elevated status!

    These are round aquamarine studs - perfect for daily wear and every mood.
    The colour is pale aqua blue and will go with everything and anything.

    Every jewellery collection needs a pair of aquamarine studs.

    The aquamarines in these studs are claw set and they fasten in your ear with a post and butterfly fastener.

    Team up with an aquamarine bracelet, aquamarine necklace or an aquamarine pendant.

    We stock them all.
  2. #Details#

    Aquamarine gemstones 5mm diameter
    Sterling silver
    Aquamarines origin Brazil