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Amethyst Pendants

Amethyst Gemstone Pendants By Boothandbooth

Amethyst Pendants - Booth and Booth

An amethyst pendant has a place in everyone's jewellery collection.

Apart from its stunning range of colours from pale pink through to deep regal purple, amethysts are available in a wide variety of sizes, cuts and qualities.

Our sterling silver amethyst pendants feature gemstones from Brazil and Africa.

Some synthetic crystals are called "amethyst" by retailers but these are not genuine amethysts.

An Amethyst Pendant Is A February Birthstone Pendant.

A real amethyst has sparkle created from faceting and a natural colour. Sometimes natural inclusions can be seen suspended inside he gemstone.

Amethyst is the February birthstone but, as a much loved gemstone, is worn by everyone and has been for centuries!

We have a pre-eminent collection of amethyst jewellery including the large range of amethyst silver pendants above.

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77.5 Carat Amethyst Pendant MadyLarge amethyst oval pendant in sterling silver 

77.5 carats

Amethyst Pendant AshleyAmethyst pendant set in sterling silver
Amethyst Pendant Hetty9 carat amethyst pendant set in sterling silver.
Amethyst Pendant RaineRound checker cut amethyst pendant set in sterling silver
Amethyst Pendant saskiaAmethyst heart pendant bezel set in sterling silver
Amethyst Pendant VitaMulti stone amethyst pendant set in sterling silver. 
Semi-Precious Gemstone Pendant JoniSemi-precious gemstone pendant set in sterling silver
Amethyst Butterfly Pendant PapillonAmethyst butterfly pendant set in sterling silver.
Amethyst Pendant DawnAmethyst pear drop pendant
Amethyst Pendant EmilyAmethyst silver pendant 
Amethyst Pendant FrancesAmethyst pendant set in sterling silver 
Amethyst Pendant HazelAmethyst pendant in sterling silver
Amethyst Pendant YvesAmethyst pendant with fancy cut droplet set in sterling silver.
Black Onyx and Amethyst Pendant SheilaBlack onyx and amethyst pendant set in sterling silver
Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst Pendant ErinRainbow moonstone & amethyst pendant set in sterling silver