Amethyst Pendant Ashley

(Code: jp21am)
  1. #Description#

    Large amethyst pendant set into sterling silver.

    This is a stunning pendant featuring an amazing hand picked amethyst gemstone. 

    The amethyst is from Brazil and has a gorgeous liquid purple colour.
    The amethyst is flawless, totally eye clean.
    The diamond cut surface allows maximum light into the stone and full sparkle out of the stone.

    In different lights and from different angles, the colour deepens, intensifies and then lightens.
    This amethyst pendant is set into a deep sterling silver frames and completed with a smooth curved bale.

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  2. #Details#

    Pendant size including the bale 4.0 x 2.1cms
    Amethyst gemstone 2.5 x 2.0cms
    36 carats
    Weight 15.4g
    Amethyst origin Brazil

  3. #Featured Chain#
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    The chain we show with this pendant is our silver snake chain in the 5mm width available in lengths 16" to 24".