Amethyst Bangle Brie

(Code: jb650am)
  1. #Description#

    Amethyst silver bangle.

    This sterling silver amethyst bangle is superb.

    Each amethyst is diamond cut and a gorgeous true and even colour - perfect against the bright sterling silver.
    These are top quality Brazilian amethysts and it shows in their brilliance and clarity.

    The bangle is a beautifully shaped oval.
    It has an opening at the side to allow for easy fitting and has 2 safety catches to keep it secure.

    The sterling silver is solid and substantial. It is plain and sleek.

    Team up with a pair of amethyst earrings and an amethyst pendant.

  2. #Details#
    Amethyst gemstones
    4 x 5.0mm diameter 

    6 x 4.5mm diameter
    4 x 4.0mm diameter
    4 x 3.5mm diameter

    7.5 carats

    Bangle size 7.75
    Weight 17.7g

    Amethyst is the February birthstone