Agate is a banded form of chalcedony (microcrystalline quartz) and is found in the most spectacular colours.
It's texture is translucent and it makes fabulous jewellery.
With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Scale, it is ideal for daily wear and its vitreous nature makes it perfect for both cabochon (smooth, polished stones) or faceted gemstones.
The colour combinations are stunning and the wonderful banding and rosette formations make for dramatic jewellery.
Some of the most beautiful and unusual agates are featured below.

Fire Agate

fire agate jewellery
ery orange, amber, gold and yellow combine to create a sensational show.
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Dendritic Agate

dendritic agate jewellery
This distinctive form of agate is characterised by the dendrites or tree like formations within the chalcedony.
This is a rarer form of agate and prized for the snowscape pictures to be found in the stones. Sometimes the stones have a mottled appearance and these are known as mosquito stones.
Typically white, grey and black it looks perfect set into sterling silver.

Purple Agate

purple agate jewellery
With the regal purples come glorious fuchsia pinks. 
This vibrant combination is just asking to be worn with amethysts.
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