Rope Chains

silver rope necklace
What is a rope chain?

The continuous ebb and flow of the rope chain design is a timeless classic.
Rope chains come in many different styles but all have the classic twisted strand appearance in common.
The wide variety of widths and styles is testament to the popularity of this design. 
Available from fine to chunky, the rope chain's behaviour changes according to the weight and width and tightness of the weave. 
Generally, the thicker the chain the less fluid and more curvy it becomes. A fine rope chain is very liquid in movement and will crease into a V if used as a pendant chain.
The thicker widths are firmer and more curvy and form a U if used as a pendant chain.

We have a comprehensive collection of solid silver rope chains.
These include 2.3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 7mm widths with matching silver rope bracelets.
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