seraphim gemstone jewellery
Seraphinite, Serafine or clinochlore is a member of the chlorite group of minerals.

Clinochlore derives its name from the Greek "klino" meaning "oblique" or "inclined" and "chloros" meaning "green" as seraphinite is commonly coloured deep forest green to green-black with inclusions of silvery Mica.

It's a stunning feathery-textured stone and the name Seraphinite derives from from the Latin word "seraphin" referring to the first order of angels. The allusion to angels refers to the feathery wing patterns made by the silvery Mica contained within the stone. The stone surface has a pearly to glass-like lustre.

The most common source of this remarkable stone is eastern Siberia.

Seraphinite is a gemstone of spiritual enlightenment and can aid self-assessment to help you achieve peace and fulfilment.