Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite


rhodochrosite gemstone jewellery
Rhodochrosite and rhodonite are pink manganese minerals but distincly different in appearance.

Banded rhodochrosite became popular as an ornamental stone in the 1930's after fine quality stone was discovered in Argentina. Later in 1974 a new important source was discovered in South Africa. Sweet Home mine in Colorado is considered the best source of fine clear crystals.

Rhodonite is found in Russia, Australia, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and Britain.

Both rhodochrosite and rhodonite are most often used in jewellery in cabochon form. As each piece is individual, the stones make unique pieces of jewellery.

Banded rhodochrosite of good quality has shades of luscious rose pink mixed with creams. Top quality rhodochrosite displays banding and rosettes and has no grey patches - browse our rhodochrosite pendants and rhodochrosite earrings to see top quality stones.
The most popular rhodonite is deep pink with black. The black areas are formed by concentrations of manganese oxides.

Aside from its gorgeous appearance, Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and compassion and imparts a positive attitude - definitely a gem to offer as a gift.

Rhodonite nurtures love, blances the emotions allowing one to see both sides of the debate and encourages a spirit of humanity - definitely one for world peace.