peridot gemstone jewellery
Born out of fire, this rich green gem is found in volcanic rock. It has also been found in meteors (pallasites) that have fallen to earth - now that is a rare gem stone!
The name peridot is thought to derive from the French word meaning unclear and also from the Arabic faridat meaning gem.

It comes only in green varying from yellow/green to rich bottle and is the gem form of the mineral olivine. The proportion of iron in the mineral determines the shade. The more iron the browner the colour. The most attractive and sought-after peridots are rich green.

Peridot was mined in ancient Egypt on an island called Zeberget. Mining was done at night because legend said that peridot could not be easily seen during the day. The island was infested with serpents which made peridot mining a very hazardous occupation until one Pharaoh finally had them all driven into the sea.
Today most peridot is mined by Native Americans in Arizona on the San Carlos Reservation. Fine large peridots are found in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and peridot is also mined in China and Sri Lanka.

The Romans called peridot "evening emerald," since its green colour did not darken at night but was still visible by lamplight. Peridot was later often used to decorate mediaeval churches, probably carried back to Europe by the Crusaders. Large peridots, more than 200 carats in size, adorn the shrine of the three magi at the Cologne Cathedral.

Peridot had the power to drive away evil spirits and the power was considered to be even more intense when the stone was set in gold. It was also said to strengthen the power of any medicine drunk from goblets carved from the gemstone.

The peridots used in today's jewellery are usually small faceted gems. Our peridot pendants collection features some larger stones and our peridot necklaces and peridot bracelets feature beautiful multi stone styles.

Peridot is the birthstone for August and the gemstone for the sixteenth wedding anniversary.
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