Coming Soon To A Screen Near You

14 Sep 2017

Booth and Booth New Website

Our new website is under construction.

The grand design is set and the foundations begun.

Watch this space for further updates.

Save Money With Our New Referral Scheme

8 Aug 2017
Save Money With Our New Referral Scheme

Start saving money on your jewellery purchases!

Tell your friends about Booth and Booth through our referral scheme and earn 10% off your next order for each friend who buys.
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On The Move

21 Jul 2015
On The Move

Booth and Booth is on the move!

From the extreme north to the (almost) extreme south, we're relocating to Somerset.

A 6 month search for the right place and we're almost there.

From 30th July 2015 we'll be in our new place -

PO Box 5222
BA11 9BW

As yet we haven't a confirmed phone number but in the meantime you can get us on 01373 464413.

In the next week if we don't answer straight away, leave a message and we'll be back to you within 24 hours. We're doing our utmost to keep our levels of service up to their normal excellent standards but please forgive us if unforeseen events throw us a googly!

Our email address - [email protected] - remains the same.

Wish us luck!

Sale of The Sunrise Ruby Fetches £19.4m

16 Jun 2015

This sale at Sothebys broke 3 auction records - the highest price for a ruby, the highest price per carat for a ruby and the highest price for a stone by Cartier. Quite a gem!

So whose finger is this magnificent ring adorning? I have absolutely no idea but it maybe someone who has a birthday soon as ruby is the July birthstone.

If your pockets are not this deep, then take a look at our collection of ruby jewellery which is eminently affordable. We have pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in ruby (and also in emerald and sapphire if you prefer these precious gemstones).

3 Everyday Activities Where Your Silver Jewellery Needs Some Extra TLC

31 Mar 2015

Thanks to its hardwearing nature and versatility, many of our sterling silver jewellery pieces are accessories that we couldn’t bear to be without. However, without the right care, some of the big and small activities that we love (or hate) to undertake can actually inflict damage on our most cherished pieces. 

As experts in sterling silver jewellery, we understand what it takes to make our favourite silver pieces last a lifetime. Here we take a look at three common activities where your sterling silver may need some extra care to protect it from unnecessary wear and tear.

Household chores 

Whilst completing regular spring cleaning isn’t our favourite past time, it’s a must for households ofall sizes. However the harsh cleaning chemicals used to buff our homes to perfection don’t work the same wonders for our silver jewellery. Always remove your jewellery before commencing your household chores. The same theory applies when washing up or completing DIY.

Hitting the town 

We all love a good night outwith the girls or the boys, and whilst we all have our own routines to get ready, there’s one ritual that should be followed by all silver jewellery wearers. From bathing and showering to applying make-up and finishing off your do with a spritz of hairspray and perfume, removing your jewellery is vital. You should put your rings, bracelets and necklaces back on just before you head out the door to avoid wear and tear.

Whether you are painting the town red or not, subjecting your silver to regular cleaning with a mild soap and water solution is a must. Natural oils, soap and dust can settle on jewellery, and even if it can’t be seen by the naked eye, causes silver to become dull. Regular cleaning and buffing ensures you can retain that shine, no matter how old your favourite piece is. 

Your fitness regime

When it comes to fitness, every enthusiast knows that preparation makes perfect and the same sentiment applies to your jewellery use at the gym, swimming pool or out on the field. The chlorine found in every swimming pool is particularly harmful to silver pieces,and exposure over a prolonged period can cause irreversible damage to silver and the gemstones set within. 

Perspiration can also impact on the condition of your sterling silver jewellery too due to its acidity so exercise caution and remove before starting your workout. 

If in doubt…

Taking precautionary measures to keep your cherished silver jewellery in tip-top condition is relatively easy. We’ve covered 3 everyday activities in this blog however there will undoubtedly be many more scenarios that will play havoc with your silver jewels. If in doubt, always remove your jewellery and store it in a safe place.

What’s My Anniversary Stone?

13 Mar 2015

Whilst everyone is aware of what gemstone is associated with the month of their birth, gemstone jewellery is actually an excellent buy for your anniversary too. In fact, there are particular gemstone types associated with each year of your relationship, but which one is applicable to you and your partner? Here we take you through five years and beyond so you can discover a gemstone jewellery piece to make your upcoming anniversary extra special.

1st Anniversary is Gold

Celebrating your first year together is always a big one, and what better way to mark your new relationship than with new jewellery. Gold jewellery is the traditional gift associated with the one year mark, however, for those looking to deviate slightly (for their budget’s sake), sterling silver jewellery pieces are a beautiful and diverse option. Our gold plated, sterling silver Rajola jewellery ticks both boxes!

2nd Year Anniversary is Garnet

The deep red colour of the garnet symbolises passion and love which are two words many couples would associate with their second year together. Whilst the all-consuming lust felt in your first year may be petering out, a gift of garnet will certainly add some fuel to the fire for your upcoming anniversary. 

3rd Anniversary is Pearl

The pearl is a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection, whether it is natural or cultured.Symbolising wisdom, it seems like a fitting stone to commemorate year three of your relationship. The beauty and simplicity of the pearl also makes it a popular choice for brides-to-be. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to perilous heights, moonstone jewellery is a great alternative. 

Blue Topaz for the 4th Anniversary

Known for its stunning blue colouring, topaz is actually available in a broad range of shades and styles, which makes it a great gemstone to mark your fourth milestone. 

5th Anniversary Sapphire and Beyond

Celebrating each and every anniversary is something that many couples stick to vehemently and as a result each year has its own special piece of gemstone jewellery. Year 5 is marked with a sapphire, whilst celebrating a decade together certainly calls for more sparkle in the form of a diamond. For couples celebrating 20 years together, an emerald is the associated gemstone, and its beautiful colouring is certain to turn your friends and family members green with envy! 

The pearl makes another appearance after 30 years together, whilst a lesser known gemstone called alexandrite is used to celebrate an epic 55 years as a couple. Alexandrite is itself very rare; a popular stone used in antique Russian jewellery, alexandrite gemstone jewellery was and still is a favourite with royalty all over the world. 

Looking for the perfect gemstone or silver jewellery gift for your anniversary? Visit our online store today to view our latest collections.