All About Silver Chains

The following is a guide to the most popular chain styles. A chain necklace makes a great, versatile piece of jewellery. It can be worn alone as an elegant strand of sleek and sparkling silver or layered with your own choice of different styles or used to hang a gemstone pendant from.
There are many different styles of silver chains from the classic belcher link chain to the sleek and solid snake chain all with their own unique construction and style. These silver chains are available to buy from this website.

Pricing silver Chains

You will find a bewildering array of silver chains available to buy from many different jewellers and retailers. Always check the weight of chains when making comparisons of price. Two round snake chains of the same diameter can vary considerably in weight. 

The country of origin will play a role in the value and authenticity of the chain in question. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver 7.5% copper alloy. White metal contains no silver and is simply base metal.

The price of silver chain is made up of two elements -
1. The price of the weight of silver used at the time of manufacture. This varies hourly.
2. The labour charge for the design. 
The size quoted in mms for each chain is its diameter not its circumference.
Our silver chain collection is made entirely in Italy from sterling silver. 

Anchor Chains

sterling silver anchor chain
Anchor chains are defined by 2 things -
A continuous repetition of regular links.
The links are flat. 
Anchor chains are classic link chains and are readily available in fine guages up to heavy duty guages. 
See our collection of sterling silver anchor chains.

Ball Chains

  • silver ball chain
  • silver bead necklace
  • large ball silver necklace
  • silver bead chain
  • silver ball necklace
Ball chains, otherwise known as bead chains, have spherical or oval balls instead of links.
In a classic ball chain there is often a connecter - a small silver bar - between each ball which travels into the centre of the ball to allow the chain to move fluidly.
The other most popular bead necklace is without the connector so the balls butt up to each other.
There are many different variations of ball chains.
We sell most of them.

Belcher Chains

  • silver belcher chain
  • silver belcher chain necklace
  • silver belcher necklace
Belcher chains are classic link chains. Usually the links are round but occasionally you'll see one with oval or graduated links.
Belcher necklaces are popular with both men and women and are widely available in different widths and lengths.
They make a great silver necklace worn alone but also serve as a pendant chain.
When men wore pocket watches with their waistcoats, it was usually a heavyweight belcher chain that attached the watch to the pocket.
Take a look at our silver belcher chain collection.

Box Chains

  • silver box chain
  • silver box chain necklace
Box chains have square links joined together in the same way as the round links in the belcher chain. 
A box chain is sturdy and compact but fluid. 

Like the belcher chain, box chains are popular with both men and women.
Box chains are often used to hang a pendant. 

A larger pendant usually needs a substantial chain not only for strength but also to balance the size of the gemstone and create the look of a composite necklace.
Box chain necklaces are of course square in profile but in wear they twist and turn and offer edges to catch the light. When these edges are diamond cut, they provide more facets to catch the light and make for a beautiful sparkly necklace. This makes the box design an excellent candidate for diamond cutting.
Our box chains are diamond cut and available in 2mm and 3.1mm widths. They look exquisite worn alone but fabulous with a pendant - particularly one with a faceted surface.

Byzantine Chains

  • silver byzantine chain
  • sterling silver byzantine chain
  • silver byzantine necklace
A byzantine chain is a study in intricate elegance.

This unique chain design is involved as several links join together to create a type of knot. Byzantine chains can have different profiles from square, oval and round to flat.
Byzantine chains are not readily available and a solid byzantine chain is rare. Most silver chains are made by machine and the byzantine style is usually made from hollow links. This doesn't make it any less beautiful or strong but it is slightly less heavy. 
Byzantine chains make fabulous jewellery. 

Usually worn alone but occasionally chosen to enhance a large pendant, they make perfect silver necklaces and bracelets.
We offer different styles of byzantine necklaces and coordinating byzantine bracelets.

Figaro Chains

A figaro chain is made of 1 long link followed by 3 shorter links. This is repeated throughout the chain length.
The links are usually oval.
Different treatments can add character to the figaro chain for example diamond cutting, brilliant finishing or flattening the links.
See all our solid sterling silver figaro chains.

Link Chains

  • silver links necklace
  • chunky silver link necklace
  • silver knot necklace
What are link chains?

The term "link chain" is a general categorisation of any chain made up of individual links joined together.
Link chains are constructed using open links in a regular configuration.
In the narrowest interpretation, link chains have an even, regular link which is repeated throughout the chain length. These links can be round, oval, square or even heart shaped and tend to be light weight. Belcher, box, trace, figaro, curb chains and many more classics are in the category of link chains.
However a wider interpretation allows for a much more exciting collection.
There is no limit to the link chain configurations - just let your imagination soar!
Our own collection contains some simply elegant styles like the double link necklace, some bold and dramatic designs like the rings necklace and graceful beauty such as the silver knot necklace.

Mesh Chains

  • Silver mesh rope chain
  • Silver twisted mesh necklace
  • Silver crystal meh necklace
  • silver mesh and ball necklace
Mesh chains are constructed in an entirely different way to regular chains with links. 
Mesh chain is made by a length of shaped silver hooks knitting together around a central spindle. The size and shape of the silver going around the spindle creates the width and design of the mesh chain. It is similar to circular knitting.
Mesh chains behave like soft wire in that they are bendy but firm.The tighter the weave and the narrower the weave the more firm the behaviour of the chain. Mesh chains are often twisted to add firmness and add a different personality to the appearance. They have a different character to most jewellery chains. 
Mesh chains will curve but not crease into a V.

Our collection of mesh chains is unique, exclusive and includes stunning and quite different designs.
Our twisted mesh chain has a rope like appearance and looks fantastic as it curves around your neck. Our 3 strand twisted mesh necklace is a study in elegance and our crystal mesh chain necklace is a must have. The silver is enmeshed with tiny crystals so the entire length is alive with crystalline, rainbow sparkle. 
All have matching mesh bracelets....and there's more....

Omega Chains

silver omega chain
sterling silver omega chain
silver omega necklace
Omega chains are wiry and firm.

They behave quite differently to other chains and will curve as a choker around the base of the neck. 
Our omega chains are not rigid like a torque. A torque is a rigid circle, open at the back which sits around the base of the neck rather like an open bangle around your wrist.
Omega chains come in round and oval profiles and different widths but the choice is quite limited.
Our own omega necklaces are available in widths 2mm, 4mm and 8mm and different lengths. The wider omega necklaces look marvellous worn alone or can make a pendant into a spectacular necklace.
Browse our silver omega chain collection.

Popcorn Chains

silver popcorn chain
silver popcorn necklace
silver popcorn chain necklace
Popcorn chains are fun and great to wear.

The name popcorn is derived from the nobbly appearance of the cinema snack.
The popcorn style is made by wrapping ball chain to form a round chain with the balls creating the nobbly surface appearance. The ball chain can be wrapped loosely or tightly and different sizes of ball chain will create different styles of popcorn chain.
The chunky popcorn chains, made from large ball chain are hollow in the centre whereas the finer popcorn chains are solid. Popcorn mesh is as it sounds, an open woven appearance.
Popcorn chains move fluidly and are very mobile.
They look sensational in all their different designs. We offer a variety of silver popcorn chains, all of which are made in Italy.

Rope Chains

  • silver rope chain
  • sterling silver rope chain
  • mens silver rope chain
  • silver rope necklace
The continuous ebb and flow of the rope chain design is a timeless classic.
Rope chains come in many different styles but all have the classic twisted strand appearance in common. They are sometimes referred to as cable chains.
The wide variety of widths and styles is testament to the popularity of this design. 
Available from fine to chunky, the rope chain's behaviour changes according to the weight, width and tightness of the weave. 
Generally, the thicker the chain the less fluid and more curvy it becomes. A fine rope chain is very liquid in movement and will crease into a V if used as a pendant chain.
The thicker widths are firmer and more curvy and form a U if used as a pendant chain.

We have a comprehensive collection of solid silver rope chains.

These include 2.3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 7mm widths with matching bracelets.

Snake Chains

  • silver snake chain
  • sterling silver snake chain
  • silver snake chain necklace
  • mens snake chain
  • silver snake and ball chain
  • snake chain necklace
  • black snake chain
Snake chains are all time favourites.

A real snake chain is a wonderfullly fluid construction which curves beautifully like liquid silver. Unlike link chains, a snake chain is constructed of sections around a central silver core. Each section is a "ring" which creates a zig zag effect resembling the skin of its namesake and enabling the snake like movement.
This is a dense construction and gives the snake chain its smooth, continuous character.
There are many variations on the real snake chain. Compressed snake chains, flat, round, oval, square and diamond cut versions are all readily available.
Snake chains are perfect pendant chains.
They enhance any pendant and the width chosen will create a great balance to the size and weight of the pendant.
Worn alone they add a sleek stream of silver to any outfit and work well mixed with other designs to create the fashionable layered look.
Our collection of real, round snake chains is made of sterling silver, often referred to as solid silver. They are not silver plate.
We include widths 2mm, 3mm and 5mm in lengths 16" to 40". 
We also have a compressed fine snake chain - a beautifully bright, slim streak of fluid silver!
We stock matching bracelets plus a fabulous collection of other snake chain variations. 

Torcion Chains

silver torcion chain
mens silver chain
Torcion chains are a well kept secret.
A silver torcion chain is a substantial solid silver chain. Round in profile, it's created by weaving 2 strands of silver together to create this strong design.
Worn alone, a silver torcion chain necklace is a sophisticated, elegant piece of jewellery. If you have a large pendant needing a balancing silver chain, then a torcion chain might be just what you need.
We stock silver torcion chains with the traditional finish and also with an antique (oxidised finish).
Take a look at our silver torcion chains.

Wheat Chains

sterling silver wheat chain
Wheat chains are also known as spiga chains.

They take their name from the ear of wheat their construction resembles.
This plaited effect makes a truly gorgeous chain no matter what the width. 
The behaviour of a wheat chain is determined by the tightness of the construction. An open construction will give a loose and fluid lighter chain whereas a tighter construction will result in a slightly firmer and heavier chain.
Our wheat chain is a diamond cut wheat chain which is faceted on each of its 8 faces.

The wheat design is ideal for diamond cutting due to its multiple strands and surfaces. When cut, these catch the light and add tremendous sparkle to the chain.
See our sterling silver wheat chain and our silver wheat bracelet.