garnet gemstone jewellery
The name derives from the Latin "granatum" meaning pomegranate because the shades of red and pink resemble the seeds of this fruit.
Garnets are not restricted to reds and pinks although the deep red of rhodolite garnets is the most used and most popular colour in jewellery. Rhodolite garnet is mined in Africa, India and Sri Lanka.

Garnets belong to the group of gems that come in all shades except blue.
Tsavorite garnet is a bright yellow green to grass green colour, and is mined in Tanzania and Kenya.

Legendary demantoid garnet combines bright green with a dazzling brilliance that seduced the Tsars of Russia, who used it lavishly. Unfortunately demantoid garnet was only ever available in small sizes and is extremely rare today.

Malaya garnet, another popular mixed variety, ranges from orange to gold and is mined in Tanzania and Kenya.

Pyrope garnet is a very saturated red. Beautiful small pyrope garnets found in Arizona are called anthill garnet because they are mined by ants, who carry them up to the surface when they are excavating their anthills.

One garnet growing in popularity is newly discovered in Namibia. It is a bright orange spessarite and is called mandarin garnet because its colour is a true orange.

Hessonite and Spessarite garnets mostly come in golds, oranges and browns and are sometimes called cinnamon garnets.

Grossular, the variety of garnets that gives us tsavorite, is also available in pale pinks, greens and yellows.

With the exception of demantoid, garnet is a hard gem and ideal for jewellery. It also has uses in industry as an abrasive for wood, glass, metal, plastic and leather. It forms in cubic crystal structure.

Folklore tells us that garnet is said to stimulate the bloodstream & pituitary gland and combats depression and lethargy. It should be carried close to the body and possesses balancing and peaceful energy.

Garnet symbolizes fire, faith, courage, truth, grace, compassion, constancy and fidelity.

Garnets are most often used as faceted gems but are sometimes used in cabochon form when they resemble glossy red jellies - see our garnet earrings, garnet rings, garnet necklaces, garnet pendants and garnet bracelets

Garnet is the birthstone for January and the gemstone for the second wedding anniversary.
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