chrysocolla gemstone jewellery
To see Chrysocolla is to love it!

It varies in colour from teal blue to emerald green sometimes with red/brown areas and the most beautiful pieces are a combination of all shades. Chrysocolla's colours are similar to those in a peacock's feather or on a kingfisher's breast.
Sometimes fraudulently passed off as turquoise, this gemstone is quite different.
Chrysocolla is hydrated copper silicate and lacks a true mineral structure. It is an amorphous substance.

Chrysocolla is a relatively soft gemstone and without treatment is unsuitable for jewellery. Polishing and setting increases its strength but care must be taken when wearing.
Our chrysocolla pendants and chrysocolla necklaces feature large pieces of polished chrysocolla and each stone is sealed to give it stability and strength.

Talking about strength, Chrysocolla invokes inner strength, helping to draw away negative energy and promote serene acceptance of changing situations. It is a calming and cleansing influence.
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