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Rhodolite Garnets To Chase Away The January Blues.

Garnet Pendant

If you know your birthstones, you will know that garnet is the January birthstone.

If you're happily clocking up the years together with your partner then garnet is the gemstone for the 2nd anniversary. Did you miss it? Then catch up now with a pair of sparkly garnet earrings!

Although garnets are available in most shades - except blue - the most popular garnet for jewellery making is rhodolite. Loved for its deep red colour, its hardness makes it ideal for jewellery.
To learn more about garnet, see About Gemstones.

The vagaries of fashion consigned garnet to outer Siberia for a while but with the re-emergence of red as a fashion colour, garnet is once again in vogue.

Treat yourself or someone with a January birthday to some garnet jewellery.

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