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Lapis Lazuli Pendants - New Styles

Lapis Lazuli Pendants

Our collection of lapis lazuli jewellery has just grown!

It could even be the largest UK collection of natural lapis lazuli jewellery!

What is the allure of lapis lazuli?

Well, lapis has form. As far back as the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans, lapis lazuli was used as a decorative semi-precious gemstone. The Egyptians and Romans didn't use gemstones purely for decoration, they also believed in their powers so a choice of lapis lazuli would be a choice to increase clarity of thought, virility and calm.

Lapis lazuli was also thought to focus energy for teachers and public speakers. It has powers to enhance creativity. As if all this wasn't enough, lapis was thought to alleviate depression, promote spirituality and aid meditation.

If none of this floats your boat, then concentrate on the majesty of the stone.

Lapis varies in colour and can be a purplish or brownish navy. The most sought after lapis is royal to navy blue - a vivid, fully saturated colour. Often lapis lazuli has gold pyrite in the stone and when polished, this appears as flecks of gold sprinkled across the surface.
Calcite is another common inclusion and appears as white flecks or marks.

Natural lapis lazuli is not a hard stone (5 - 6 on The Mohs Scale of Hardness) and can easily be scratched.
Our lapis lazuli has a coated surface to protect it but store carefully and clean with a soft dry cloth.

Check out these new lapis lazuli pendants featuring beautiful natural lapis lazuli gemstones.

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