Snake Chains

Silver snake chain
Snake chains are all time favourites.
A real snake chain is a wonderfullly fluid construction which curves beautifully like liquid silver.
Unlike link chains, a snake chain is constructed of sections around a central silver core. Each section is a "ring" which creates a zig zag effect resembling the skin of its namesake and enabling the snake like movement.
This is a dense construction and gives the snake chain its smooth, continuous character.
There are many variations on the real snake chain. Compressed snake chains, flat, round, oval, square and diamond cut versions are all readily available.
Snake chains are perfect pendant chains.
They enhance any pendant and the width chosen will create a great balance to the size and weight of the pendant.
Worn alone they add a sleek stream of silver to any outfit and work well mixed with other designs to create the fashionable layered look.
Our collection of real, round snake chains is made of sterling silver, often referred to as solid silver. They are not silver plate.
We include widths 2mm, 3mm and 5mm in lengths 16" to 34". 
We also have a compressed 1.1mm snake chain - a beautifully bright, slim streak of fluid silver!
We stock matching snake bracelets plus a fabulous collection of other snake chain variations.
mens snake chain