black spinel bangle
Spinel is a special semi-precious gemstone which until recently hasn't received the attention and respect it deserves!
It is often found with corundum which is ruby and for many years, spinel was used as a substitute for ruby, sapphire and emerald  and passed off as such. Whilst damaging the reputaion of spinel, it is testament to the range of colours in which spinel occurs.
Available in red, blue, green, brown, black, grey, lilac, purple, orange, tangerine, rose and almost colorless.
In its natural form, spinel would be colourless but it takes colour from trace elements in the rocks around it.
Spinel has recovered its reputation and although it can be found on most continents, it is not readily available in the gemstone marketplace.
It commands a high price.
We have a small but gorgeous collection of black spinel earrings and bangles.
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