Iolite Bracelet Eleanor

(Code: Jb1411iol)
  1. #Description#
    Iolite bracelet set in sterling silver.

    This beautiful iolite bracelet has 22 glorious indigo coloured iolites.
    Iolite is pleochroic which means it looks different colours depending on the direction the crystal is viewed from.
    These iolites are diamond cut to show the deeper, richer shade.

    The iolites are claw set in sterling silver and the bracelet closes with a lobster claw fastener.
    There are extra links at the end of the bracelet to allow for length adjustment to fit different sized wrists.

    For more information about iolite see About Gemstones

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    They make a great set with this iolite silver bracelet.
  2. #Details#
    Iolite bracelet length 19.5 adjustable to 21.0cms 
    Iolite gemstones 6 x 4mms

    Weight 10.3g

    Iolite is the 21st Wedding Anniversary Gemstone