Amethyst Necklace Ella

(Code: jn220am)
  1. #Description#

    Amethyst necklace in sterling silver.

    These superb Brazilian amethyst gemstones are a fabulous lavender colour.
    They are clear and the diamond cutting emphasises their brilliance.
    They do sparkle!

    In the centre of the necklace is a white diamond.

    This amethyst necklace is set in sterling silver and has a diamond cut rounded box chain to complete it.
    There are extra links at the end of the necklace to allow for adjustment to the exact length you prefer.

    See our amethyst earrings and amethyst bracelets for coordinating pieces.

  2. #Size Details#
    Amethyst necklace length adjustable between 41cms and 51cms (16" and 20" )
    Amethyst gemstones 4 x 3mms
    White diamond 2mms diameter

    Weight 9.5g
    Amethysts origin Brazil