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Amethyst Pendants

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Amethyst Pendants - Booth and Booth

An amethyst pendant set in sterling silver is a unique piece of jewelry to give or to wear.

Apart from its stunning range of colours from pale pink through to deep regal purple, amethysts are available in a wide variety of sizes, cuts and qualities.

Our sterling silver amethyst pendants feature gemstones from Brazil and Africa.

An Amethyst Pendant Is A February Birthstone Pendant.

Amethyst is the February birthstone but, as a succesful product and popular gemstone, is worn all year long.

We have a pre-eminent collection of amethyst jewellery including amethyst silver pendants below.

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34.3 Carat Amethyst Pendant Ashley34.3 carat amethyst pendant set in sterling silver.
65 Carat Amethyst Pendant Margherite65 carat amethyst tear drop pendant in sterling silver 
Amethyst Pendant DulcieDeep purple checker cut amethyst pendant set in sterling silver. 
Amethyst Pendant FrancesAmethyst multi-stone pendant set in sterling silver 
Amethyst Pendant JosephineRound checker cut amethyst pendant set in sterling silver
Amethyst Pendant Lucille15 carat cushion checker cut amethyst silver pendant 
Amethyst Pendant PattyRound checker cut amethyst pendant claw set in sterling silver.
Amethyst Pendant Petra15.25 carat amethyst marquise pendant set in sterling silver.
Amethyst Pendant RosemaryAmethyst heart pendant collar set in sterling silver
Amethyst Pendant YvesAmethyst pendant with fancy cut droplet set in sterling silver.
Black Onyx and Amethyst Pendant LeighBlack onyx and amethyst pendant set in sterling silver
Pink Amethyst Pendant Candy16.5carat pink amethyst pendant set in sterling silver.