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Rhodium Plating for Silver Chains Explained

Rhodium Plated Silver Chains

Rhodium is an expensive noble metal, less expensive than gold and platinum but more expensive than palladium and silver.
Rhodium was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. It is found with Platinum which Wollaston also discovered.
One of rhodium's properties is its resistance to corrosion and for this reason you'll find it used as one of the catalysts in the catalytic convertor of your car.

Among its other prized properties are the silver white colour, it's brightness, reflectiveness and durability. It is for these properties that rhodium has been used to plate white gold and sterling silver jewellery. Another reason rhodium plating is used on sterling silver is to prevent tarnishing.

How is a sterling silver chain plated with rhodium?

Usually the process used is electroplating. The sterling silver chains are immersed in a bath or rhodium plating solution and using the chains as the negative electrode (cathode) a current is passed through. This permanently bonds the rhodium to the chains leaving a thin layer of hard, reflective and durable rhodium.

How does rhodium plating affect the appearance of a silver chain?

Rhodium plating gives the sterling silver a darker silver grey colour. 

How do you clean rhodium plated silver chains?

Avoid chemical cleaners and impregnated silver cleaning cloths. The best method is to wash in mild soapy water and dry with a smear free microfibre polishing cloth. Always store silver jewellery in separate air tight plastic bags.

Consult our silver chains collection to find sterling silver chains with rhodium plating, ruthenium plating and without either.

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