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Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Silver Pendants

Mystical Moonstone Pendants - The Sacred Gemstone

Moonstone Pendant - Booth and Booth

This is a favourite semi-precious stone and in countries where it's considered sacred, it is revered.

Moonstone comes in plain shades of lemon, blue, mauve and white.

Our moonstone pendant necklaces are all rainbow moonstone pendants.

They have a characteristic schiller - a floating blue light - and occasional shafts of rainbow colour shot through the stone.

For a multi stone moonstone necklace see our collection of moonstone necklaces.

Consult our gemstone rings to find a collection of moonstone rings.

Buy your silver moonstone pendant for a June birthday - moonstone is the June birthstone

Rainbow Moonstone Pendant CarmelleRainbow moonstone pear drop pendant set in sterling silver
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant GabrielleLarge oval rainbow moonstone pendant set in sterling silver
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant IrisRainbow moonstone marquise pendant in sterling silver
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant JoLarge rainbow moonstone pendant with decorated pipe bale.
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant KeiraLarge marquise rainbow moonstone pendant set in sterling silver
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant MerylDiamond shaped faceted moonstone pendant plain set into sterling silver
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant SarahVery large rainbow moonstone silver pendant