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Lapis Lazuli Pendants Set In Sterling Silver

Lapis Lazuli Silver Pendants

Dark Blue Lapis Lazuli Pendants - Booth and Booth

A Lapis Lazuli pendant is a September birthstone pendant. Moreover, it is a reminder of Ancient Egypt, a piece of history and a thing of beauty!

Read more about Lapis Lazuli in About Gemstones, where you will find information regarding this outstanding gemstone.

Create Your Own Lapis Lazuli Matching Set

Make a wonderful Lapis Lazuli set from our wide ranges of Lapis Lazuli Necklaces, Lapis Lazuli Earrings, Lapis Lazuli Bracelets and Lapis Lazuli Rings.

All our Lapis Lazuli Pendants feature natural Lapis Lazuli gemstones.

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Lapis Lazuli Pendant AnnaLarge lapis lazuli pendant set in sterling silver
Lapis Lazuli Pendant ConstanceLarge pear drop lapis lazuli pendant set in sterling silver
Lapis Lazuli Pendant FaithSilver backed round lapis lazuli pendant 
Lapis Lazuli Pendant GeneveiveLapis lazuli pendant set in sterling silver
Lapis Lazuli Pendant JoLapis Lazuli pendant set in sterling silver
Lapis Lazuli Pendant MarniLapis lazuli oval pendant set in sterling silver
Lapis Lazuli Pendant MeganLarge square lapis lazuli pendant in sterling silver
Lapis Lazuli Pendant MiaLarge rectangular lapis lazuli pendant set in sterling silver
Round Lapis lazuli Pendant RaineLapis lazuli round pendant set in sterling silver.