Labradorite Pendant Constance

  1. #Description#

    Large pear drop labradorite pendant.

    Labradorite has a stalwart following and those who love it, never cease to be amazed by its changing face due to the magical labradorescence.

    For more information about this semi-precious gemstone see About Gemstones.

    This is an excellent, premium quality labradorite beautifully displaying the radiant blues and greens when the stone turns in the light.

    This labradorite pendant is set in a plain sterling silver frame.

  2. #Details#
    Labradorite gemston4.3.2 x 3.1cms
    Labradorite pendant size (incl. bail) 6.4 x 3.4cms
    Actual weight 20.2g
    Labradorite origin Labrador

  3. #Featured Chain#
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    The chain shown is our sleek 3mm silver snake chain available in lengths 14" to 40" (see below).