Italian Sterling Silver Chunky Rings Necklace

(Code: Ringsnk-16")
Length :
  1. #Description#

    Sterling silver chunky rings necklace.

    This is a stunning necklace design made by one of Italy's finest chain makers. 

    The individual links are round and different sizes, some of which are textured and some plain.

    It looks fabulous worn long and for longer lengths than 30" you can join 2 lengths together.

    The fastener is an oval lobster claw which blends in with the design of the rings.

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  2. #Details#

    Smallest ring diameter 1.3cms
    Largest ring diameter 2.0cms

    Weights by length of our silver rings necklaces -

    16"  41.9g
    18"  47.1g
    20"  52.3g
    24"  62.8g
    30"  78.0g