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Iolite and Sterling Silver Pendants

Our Iolite Pendants are indigo in colour 

One of the characteristics of iolite is its extreme pleochroism.
This means it looks different colours when the stone is seen from different directions. Deep indigo from one end, clear from the other and yellow from the top.
Iolite is a glorious colour and looks excellent in sterling silver.

Choose from our Italian sterling silver chains collection to make your iolite pendant into a necklace.

An Iolite Pendant is the perfect gift for your 21st Wedding Anniversary!

Iolite Pendant FrancesIolite flower pendant set in sterling silver
Iolite Pendant JennaLarge oval iolite pendant claw set in sterling silver.
(-24.87%)  22.50
Iolite Pendant JoannahFine iolite pendant bezel set in sterling silver
Iolite Pendant MerylIolite and sterling silver diamond shaped pendant set into sterling silver