Golden Rutilated Quartz Pendant Margherite

(Code: jp3goldrq)
  1. #Description#

    Pear drop golden rutilated quartz pendant. 

    This golden rutilated quartz pendant has a cushion checker cut surface which allows the light to reflect of the facets and create wonderful sparkle.

    Inside the gemstone are golden rutile needles suspended in clear rock crystal. These needles are mainly fine with a handful of broader strands. 

    These rutile inclusions are sometimes called Venus hair and this is an excellent example of this prized semi-precious gemstone.

    These premium pieces we are offering have been hand selected for crystal clarity and rutilated pattern. 

    The pendant is claw set into a plain sterling silver frame.

    The back of the pendant is open to allow the light into the stone.

  2. #Details#
    Pendant size (incl. bale) 3.4 x 1.5cms
    Golden rutilated quartz gemstone 2.0 x 1.4cms
    Actual weight 7.4g
  3. #Featured Chain#

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    The chain shown with this pendant is our diamond cut silver box chain, width 2mm available to buy in lengths 16" to 24".